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Live Review: Set Your Goals, Broadway Calls and Fireworks - TJ's, Newport - 09/12/09

This promising night begins with Michigan boys Fireworks and their catchy pop-punk reminiscent of early New Found Glory. It's their first time in Europe, and the band is certainly pleased to see some people singing to every word in the crowd, with a special mention to the absolute hit 'Detroit'. The band is happy to be there and their good mood is infectious. Great job as openers.

Broadway Calls, more familiar with British crowds, are the next ones on stage. The trio provides a well-executed set, playing the best tracks off their self-titled debut ('Call It Off', 'Back to Oregon', 'Save Our Ship') and its 2009 follow-up, 'Good Views, Bad News' ('Be All That You Can Be', 'Midnight Hour', 'To The Sheets'). You wouldn't guess they're only three playing when hearing their energetic live show.

It's already Set Your Goals' turn to kick the stage and you can see from the size of the crowd that the guys absolutely blew up this year. It even seems that people know the songs from 'This Will Be the Death of Us', more than those from 'Mutiny!'. Either way, each song is a very enjoyable moment, as the bands performance is consistent throughout.

Vocalist Matt Wilson has especially improved, as has his stage presence. From their heaviest track to date 'Gaia Bleeds' to pop-punk nugget 'Echoes' or the die-hard fans' favorite 'Goonies Never Say Die!', everyone will be please by the set list which will include a makeshift 'Flight of the Navigator' as encore. In addition to this Fireworks frontman David Mackinder makes a guest appearance on 'Our Ethos: a Legacy to Pass On', to sing Chad Gilbert's part.

The line-up kept its promises, tonight may have been the best pop-punk show of the year.

Romain Jeanticou

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