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Album Review: The Audition - Great Danger

The Audition return with their fourth full-length and third in the last three years, which could question the bands musical authenticity. If you're familiar with The Audition then you pretty much know what you're going get with 'Great Danger'; driving pop-rock with good harmonies courtesy of Danny Stevens.

I'll admit I didn't pay that much attention to bands previous two releases, mainly due to a mix of average feedback from the online community, and personally not being a band I go out my way for. Nevertheless this manages to start off healthy with 'Let Me Know', 'The Art Of Living' and 'You Ruined This' setting the tempo, as the bands straight to the point structure is instantly favourable.

Throughout the band show they have somewhat managed to craft near-perfect radio-friendly (see 'Can You Remember?' and 'Ms. Crumby'). Although the 2nd half of album is, for the most part, filler that goes off into an area of where the band sound quite moderate. Throw in the standard acoustic number ('Run Away') and riff-heavy concluding 'Final Adventure' then you're done, just past the half hour mark.

Rushed? Maybe. Back to the best? Possibly. As 'Great Danger' generally starts off strong and has you wanting to hear those tracks again, but by the end you're left with the impression that the band could of done better. Whilst the later tracks go back and forth between average-ness and (slight) variation, they generally disappoint. Performance-wise Stevens' vocals are on top form throughout and the band definitely show they have a found formula, that is favourable. One which is your standard pop-rock, with more emphasize on the rock, thankfully. Nevertheless for fans of the band and the genre they're in, this will please them as it hits the right notes when needed, but its short time length means this is just off the 3.5 mark.


'Great Danger' by The Audition is released on March 16th on Victory Records.

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