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On Our Stereo: Post Harbor - They Can’t Hurt You If You Don’t Believe In Them

With this instalment of 'On Our Stereo', I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone as I had originally been asked to give an album review on Post Harbor's latest release, 'They Can’t Hurt You If You Don’t Believe In Them'. However as I listened to it more and more, my admiration for this record grew, which led me to writing this instalment of 'On Our Stereo', which emphasises albums that are must-haves.

Like with most post-rock-esq bands, I tend to feel uplifted and inspired which is something 'They Can't Hurt You...' certainly gives from start to finish, as it sweeps and swoons from one track to the next with creating an awe-inspiring musical landscape.

The band's minimalist, stripped approach is a wonder to listen to, as they manage to compliment it with complex structures that do not alienate. Whilst the depth and layered texture, means that despite the lengthy tracks, they do not settle into boredom (see 'Cities of the Interior'), as the band to an extent take you on a musical journey that gently guides you.

Whilst Anthony Carlucci's calm, delicate vocals are used more as an instrument, rather than thrown in centre stage, as he adds another element and for the most part, left to the minimum. Instead distorted and experimental guitar parts manage to over-ride Carlucci's vocals well ('With a Line Graph I Can Tell the Future').


I have to admit it is hard to pick out stand out tracks, as Post Harbor's approach has been one that the full record should stand out, something which they have accomplished. Whilst tracks like 'Caves, Hollow Trees and Other Dwellings' and 'Alia's Fane' are intriguing, with the latter making good use of electronic elements mixed with rough, distorted guitars and crashing drums.

By now you're thinking I couldn't praise this record any more, and you'd probably be right, as 'They Can't Hurt You...' proves to be a superb record that manages to mix delicateness of bands like Explosions In The Sky and add elements of Sunny Day Real Estate and Moving Mountains, to create something that is a beauty to hear.

'They Can’t Hurt You If You Don’t Believe In Them' by Post Harbor is available now on Burning Building Recordings.

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