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Feature: Bayonets - One Year On

Last January we spoke to Hereford's Bayonets, an alternative indie rock four-piece who were preparing for their debut release, 'Wishes & Wishes'. In the 12 months that have passed, the band have received praise from home and abroad for the record, played numerous shows nationwide, including a show with Kevin Devine and overall have been labelled as one of the best up and coming independent bands in Britain.

However frontman Thom Craig isn't letting it all go to their heads; "I think you have to be really careful with reviews. A bad review can deflate you, and a good review can make you a bit complacent. We've learnt that just because Kerrang, Punktastic etc. say you're going to be big, it doesn't mean that you should sit back and wait for it to happen."

Despite the bands success, their future nearly came into doubt, when they had the option to quit and go to University or take a risk and continue with Bayonets. Thankfully the band decided to continue and are not regretting it yet. "It would have really sucked to have released 'Wishes & Wishes', headed off to university and just finished as a band. we need to get this new record out, at the very least, before we can feel content with Bayonets."

Nevertheless Thom and company are thankful for what they have achieved so far, and are set to push themselves with their next release. Which was something that was hinted towards with 2 songs recorded after 'Wishes & Wishes'. Thom told us "'I Dream Of Real Emergencies' and 'And I Think I Enjoy Conflict' are definitely more in the direction of where we are now."

As the band head into 2010 and start on record number 2, Thom promises it will be one that shows the real Bayonets. "The new songs are really heavy and softer. We've kind of explored the polar-opposites of what we did before. some of 'Wishes & Wishes' is quite pop-punk, and we were never really into any of that."

In addition events from the past year have influenced the bands writing, as they move on from being college students to becoming a full-time band and taking on more responsibilities, as Thom explains; "When you leave college, you realise that you're on your own and that you now have to make your own luck."

After recording with the next record with Ant West (Futures/John Candy) in April, the Hereford four-piece hope to release material soon after, as well as tour as much as possible.

Much like 'Wishes & Wishes' the bands mature, independence outlook is a quality that can be praised and is something that continues to win over fans and critics everywhere.

'Wishes & Wishes' is available as a free download through Walnut Tree Records.
Bayonets on MySpace and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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