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Album Review: Isles & Glaciers - The Hearts Of Lonely People

Isles and Glaciers is a project that goes back as far as 2008. With an EP that has taken three quarters of a year to bring out since being finished, this American supergroup featuring members of Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa amongst others have a lot to live up to with the amount of hype this project has harnessed.

The EP begins with a separate track that serves as an introduction for the storming ‘Hills Like White Elephants’ a song that introduces the EP with a demand for attention, the interchanging vocals are brilliant, in a band with so many members, you may fear that there may be a fight for attention of sorts, but it all weaves together, with each member taking his turn.

Clush’ continues in the same fashion, it starts off a little slower while somehow seeming to keep up the set pace and builds up to an absolutely great chorus. Next up ‘Empty Sighs and Wine’ is probably the best song on the record, fast paced and catchy it’s the sort of song you would love to hear live.

Oceans For Backyards’ is another instrumental that serves as an introduction for the somewhat calmer ‘Viola Lion’ it sounds like Saosin when they decide to slow down, it’s good, a nice respite from what has been on offer so far. As for the ending song, ‘Cemetary Weather’ I love it, but not as a closing song for a highly anticipated record, it’s another slow song that builds into a nice crescendo and it does its job well of showcasing each member that has contributed to this EP.

All in all, it was always expected that ‘The Hearts Of Lonely People’ would be good and to be fair most of the songs blow you away. I can honestly say that this was worth the wait but I do wish that maybe there was one more song to end the EP on a high.


'The Hearts Of Lonely People' by Isles & Glaciers is available now on Equal Vision Records.

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Chris Marshman

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