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Single Review Round-Up: Stars & Sons, Trail, Chris T-T, Straight Lines, Crazy Arm and Delorentos

This edition of the Single Review Round-Up features singles from Stars & Sons, Trail, Chris T-T, Straight Lines, Crazy Arm and Delorentos.

Stars & Sons - 'If It's Good For Me'
Released on April 12th on Twice Burnt Records

Stars and Sons' piano-based indie-pop is on display with 'If It's Good For Me', a upbeat, jazz-influenced number that bounces along at a happy pace, that can be compared to Scouting For Girls. However Stars and Sons are far more creditable and acceptable.


Trail - 'City'
Available now on Twisted

From their recent album 'To The Rest of The World', Trail release the pounding rock number that is 'City' with its subtle, haunting guitars building up to a thriving slice of indie-rock that is better than expected. Although Trail aren't anything new and might struggle to get noticed in the right circles. Nevertheless if this is anything to go by, its a promising start.


Chris T-T - 'Nintendo'
Released on March 15th on Xtra Mile

Chris T-T builds up hype for his new album 'Love Is Not Rescue' with the slow-burning 'Nintendo', a piano-led number with plenty of emotional that wins you over by the end of the track. T-T's personal lyrics and wit is admired and overall the song serves its purpose.


Crazy Arm - 'Still To Keep'
Released on March 15th on Xtra Mile

Garage punk rockers Crazy Arm provide a well-paced, fiery track with 'Still To Keep'. A politically-charged track that suits the bands style well; one which sees the band standing up and fighting for what they believe in. It's no wonder they're about to head out on tour with Frank Turner.


Straight Lines - Runaway Now
Available now on Xtra Mile

Straight Lines are starting to get noticed more and more, especially with their new album 'Persistence In This Game' proving to be favourable with many. Latest single 'Runaway Now' highlights the bands appreciative skill of writing energetic, guitar-driven songs that are pleasing to hear and will surely continue the bands momentum.


Delorentos - 'S.E.C.R.E.T'
Available now

Irish rockers' Delorentos provide a surprisingly favourable number with 'S.E.C.R.E.T.', with its instant tempo and along with the bands straight to the point style, concludes with a feeling that haves you reaching for the repeat button, as the somewhat catchy yet simple chorus line proves to be a winner. Let's hope the band can follow it up with their album 'You Can Make A Sound' on April 5th.


Sean Reid

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