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Album Review: Grown Ups - More Songs

With the rawness of Jawbreaker, the technicalness of Algernon Cadwallader and the passion of Hot Water Music, Chicago's Grown Ups explode with 'More Songs', a collection of re-recorded old songs and six new songs. It is one of the most tightest and most consistent records this year thus far.

'Weed Science' sets the tone with its blistering pace and passionate vocal delivery. What follows is a pleasant blend of plucky guitars mixed with basement pop-punk; a sound that could be considered to be influenced by 90's "emo", with The Promise Ring being another possible comparison.

'More Songs' turns out being one of those records, where it is difficult to pick out a highlight but for good reasons. One of these reasons being that they take the pop-punk/emo genre and give it depth and variation (see 'Six More Weeks of Winter' and 'Surprise Party'). The latter of two also shows the band technical and admirable music ability.

Another reason is the bands overall passionate approach especially lead singer Doyle Martin, who is fiery and on form throughout. This enables to band to go back and forth brilliantly between their twiddly guitar parts and all out sing-a-long punk anthems that brings the band alive (see 'Orange Cat' and 'Spider Mansion').

Overall the band's style is at times refreshing but equally out of date. Nevertheless it is one that is instantly enjoyable and pull off, as you are able appreciate Grown Ups' approach and delivery. On the whole if you like your music with a touch of technical guitar work and shouty punk rock, Grown Ups will probably be your new favourite band.


'More Songs' by Grown Ups is released on Big Scary Monsters Recordings on May 17th.

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Sean Reid

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