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Album Review: Talons/Noumenon - Split

Last time I heard Talons, they had a heavenly, soft post-rock sound. Now on Big Scary Records, the Hereford group have managed to find space to ideal heavy guitar parts to an otherwise prime example of post-rock. 'Anthropods' is dominated by pounding drums and dramatic strings.

Chicago's Noumenon leans more towards the more conventional BSM sound; if there is one. 'Pimpin Zenith Part II’ is a deep, experimental and instrumental number with a hint of mathcore. Although the bands build up leads to a somewhat "normal" breakdown in the middle, the conclusion is one that is complex and messy.

This is limited edition split could be definitely be considered as a sign of things to come; Noumenon's new EP 'Party Mathematics' just got it full release. As a result of this, its difficult to get an accurate impression of both bands, although there is substance here to understand both bands ideas.


'Split' by Talons/Noumenon was a limited edition release on Big Scary Monsters Records and is now sold out.

Talons on MySpace

Noumenon on MySpace

'Party Mathematics' by Noumenon is available now.

Sean Reid

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