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blink-182 Self-Titled Album Vinyl Track Listing

The track listing for the forthcoming blink-182 self-titled double LP vinyl release has been revealed:

A1 "Feeling This" 2:52
A2 "Obvious" 2:43
A3 "I Miss You" 3:47
A4 "Violence" 3:52
A5 "Stockholm Syndrome" 2:41

B1 "Down" 3:03
B2 "The Fallen Interlude" 2:12
B3 "Go" 1:53
B4 "Asthenia" 4:19
B5 "Always" 4:11

C1 "Easy Target" 2:20
C2 "All of This" 4:40
C3 "Here's Your Letter" 2:54
C4 "I'm Lost Without You" 6:20

As posted before, the D side will be an etched logo of the blink-182 smiley face.

For more info, click HERE.

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