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The Wonder Years Posts Van Problems Blog

The Wonder Years recently had some problems with their van and have had to pay for a new one.

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"So, maybe you've read the tweets and whatnot, but it hasn't been the smoothest couple of weeks for The Wonder Years. Coming back from Germany, we got lost because our driver's GPS wasn't working, missed our flights and had to spend $3000 extra to get home. Then, once arriving safely back to the states, we got word that our beloved WNDRVAN would never run again and a quest began to find a new van. We came across one we really liked and took it for a few test drives. It was pretty awesome and was in our price range. However, it was sold as is. Because of this, we took the van to a third party mechanic and had him check it over. That guy told me it was a great van and we should buy it so we laid down about $7000. Literally, the next day the van stopped working well. A few days later it had stopped working altogether. We took it back to the dealership. They basically told us they couldn't do anything. This was the day before the Streetlight tour started. We did the first two dates of the tour in a minivan and SUV that we borrowed. Then, on our day off, we took the last $3000 we had and bought the only van we could find. It actually runs great. Here's the issue: the bottom turned out to be pretty fucking rusty and before we even got out of our hometown, the trailer ripped out of the bottom of the van. We really don't like missing shows, so we figured out how to get to the show tonight in New Jersey and are currently working out a way to the show in Mass tomorrow. Then, we're going to drive back home on the day off, take out a massive loan and just man up and buy an actual new van. Then, drive overnight back to Montreal and try to make it up there to play. Now, here's the thing I need to make clear. I love my life. I'm not complaining or saying we have it bad because we don't. We get to do really cool shit all the time and we're very happy people. We obviously count ourselves lucky for getting the chance to do what we do and we'll always be making an effort to stay up and keep moving. We won't be asking for donations or begging for any sympathy. All I'm saying is that we have a webstore and there's a bunch of cool shit in there. We also know that a shit ton of you downloaded our record and I'm pretty fine with that but if you liked it, maybe buy a shirt or something now. We're going to make an effort to also get a bunch of leftover tour merch up there dirt cheap. The link is and we appreciate all of you that buy something. Actually, I'm just thinking about this now, but if you order something and forward your order confirmation to, we'll make sure to send you a personal thank you email because on days like these, it means a lot that you care about what we do."

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