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Album Review: Jumping Ships - Orientation

Brighton's Jumping Ships bring a strong, dynamic indie rock sound with their debut EP, 'Orientation' as the opening track, 'Matterhorn' explodes with urgency, intriguing lyrics and light guitar notes that compliment Michael Williams' vocals well. Its a combination that is easily able to keep you interested. Whilst 'The Bad Outweighed The Good' is a more straight-forward rock number with good harmonies and a strong chorus that flows nicely together.

Perhaps the standout track here is 'The Whole Truth' with its upbeat tempo, driving guitars and confident vocal delivery. Its a style that suits the band well and very favourable. In addition it hints at the band having a subtle pop sensibility. Unfortunately 'Brickhouse' fails to keep up the momentum and falls by the wayside here, as its angular guitar sound all too familiar. Although it does add to the EP's consistency.

'See You Next Tuesday' springs to life with its mix of hard-hitting drums and brooding keys all the while Williams brings a confident and calm tone before bringing a sense of radiance in the chorus. Although this isn't so sudden at first, the track is certainly a grower. Whereas 'Temper Tempermental' ends the EP on a high with its energetic display, group vocals and fiery guitars before settling into a comforting, calm conclusion.

'Orientation' is an impressive debut from a band that is tight and well-structured, as their take on their brand of indie rock is intriguing and consistent. Whilst this isn't as quite as instant at first, Jumping Ships' direction is welcomed after a few listens and once the bands style is understood, you realise the potential they have.


'Orientation' by Jumping Ships is released on october 25th through Glass Bottom Records.

Jumping Ships on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

Sean Reid

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