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Alter The Press! Presents: Taylor Thrash

With comparisons to Bryce Avery (The Rocket Summer) and Christofer Drew (Never Shout Never), Dallas, Texas powerpop singer Taylor Thrash has been receiving much praise for his recent self-titled EP. With tracks like 'La La Love' bringing the bright, feelgood pop that both Avery and Drew are known for. Whilst 'Run Into Me' shows Thrash's more sincere side, but keeps his favourable pop sensibility.

With shows alongside the likes of Forever The Sickest Kids, Shwayze, The Scene Aesthetic, The Secret Handshake, and This Providence and topping the chart on, Taylor is quickly making a name for himself, and with a sound so accessible, expect to hear more from TT soon.

For fans of: Hellogoodbye, Never Shout Never, The Rocket Summer and fun.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
Taylor Thrash: I think the Alter The Press fans might enjoy my songs and can relate to cutesy little love lyrics. I'm young and new at all of this but I hope everybody enjoys my music! It seems to me that there are a lot of bands that write lyrics that don't really mean anything and aren't that relatable. Well, for the most part, all of my songs were inspired by true events in my life. The music means more to me and my band than just a buck or two on iTunes. I've had a wonderful time writing and singing these songs, and I hope everyone can find something that they love on this EP!

ATP: how did you develop yourself as a solo act?
TT: I decided to go under my own name in January of 2010 and started writing the songs for my EP then. The band ended up being all of my friends that attended the college I had dropped out of and played instruments. I came to them asking or some help with a full set and it was extremely easy for us to play together. Now, me and my good friend Michael write new songs everyday and then take them to the other guys. It's a neat little system. Whenever we have local shows, I get all of the guys together and play a full band "acoustic" set. We have two guitarists, a piano, a bass, and a djembe. On tour, it will be me and Michael hitting the road until this project grows to be a but bigger.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
TT: I think it would easily be taking the #1 spot on Purevolume and seeing how excited everyone has gotten about my music. Such a great a feeling. It's tough to get my manager excited about anything in this industry because everything is so flaky, but he has been giddy about the attention I'm getting :)

ATP: What are your plans for the next 12 months?
TT: We are going to head out on a little acoustic tour for a couple of weeks, shoot a music video, write a new EP, and head out on a full band tour. Pass that, I'm going to enjoy the road and I don't have the slightest idea what will happen in the next year. I have a feeling it'll be good though. I would really love to hop on Warped Tour next summer because I've always wanted to go to Canada. My checklist is a mile long for thing s I'm going to get done in the next year but ultimately God has it all figured out and his timing and plan for me are going to be perfect.

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