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Slam Dunk Organisers Looking for Bands for 2011 Festival

The organisers of the Slam Dunk Festival are asking fans to suggest bands to play the 2011 festival.

The organsiers released the following message:

"So, it’s coming around fast and we are hard at work planning next year’s festival. The main thing we are working on is to make sure that none of the crowd control issues that happened at Slam Dunk South happen again, but of course I am also booking bands! Now we feel this has always been a festival for you the fans so I feel it important to get some input from mailing list people on who they want to have playing next year, so please email a short list of your suggested bands to Please at this point don’t include unsigned or small UK bands – I don’t want this turning into ‘surely they will book us if we get all our friends to suggest us’!!! just include US bands and the larger UK ones! I can’t promise I will book the band or they might not even be available, but it’s just good to hear what you want to see!"

Alter The Press!