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Alter The Press! Presents: Mallory Knox

Only a year after forming, Mallory Knox have achieved a vast amount for a band who you would expect to still be taking baby steps at this point in their musical career. Having already embarked on their first UK tour supporting Never Means Maybe, the band have also managed to release their debut EP 'Pilot', as well as being snapped up by SGR Management, a venture set up by Gallows bassist Stuart Gill-Ross.

'Pilot' is a brilliant debut, encompassing the gritty, edgy side of UK post-hardcore, whilst maintaining a unique style built on the foundations of strong musicianship and powerful vocals. Definitely worth a listen.

For Fans Of: Deaf Havana, Young Guns, Lower Than Atlantis.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
Mallory Knox: We feel ATP readers should check us out as we are a new up and coming UK band and feel we offer a slightly different sound to other bands out there presently. We are working really hard to establish ourselves and in the short time we've been together we have experienced a decent amount of success and are striving for more.

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
MK: All five of us played in different bands before Mallory Knox and it was our drummer (Dave Rawling) and lead guitarist (Joe Savins) who originally started the band in August 2009. Then the bassist (Sam Douglas) and Mikey Chapman (vocalist) joined the band and from that point on started writing material in Dave’s living room! We thought it would be best to spend the first three months writing a strong solid set before we did any shows. Instead of rushing into a show with half decent songs we thought we should really take the time to write the best possible songs. It was refreshing as well, as being in a new band enabled us to write the songs we wanted to play/hear, not having to stick to a specific genre. Once we had written five or six songs we then played our first show in our home town of Cambridge in November 2009. We've recorded a five-track EP with Dan Lancaster (We Are The Ocean, Lower Than Atlantis, Proceed) at Studio Glasseye. We held back the release of the EP for a while before deciding to release it as a free download at. We wanted to gain as much exposure as possible by getting as many people as we could to listen to our songs. We've recently been signed to SGR management (Stuart Gili-Ross from Gallows) and been endorsed by Rockstar Energy drink UK! We have just completed our first tour around the UK with our good friends Never Means Maybe in September of this year.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
MK: We've had quite a few highlights this year but our favourite overall probably has to be the tour. It was just so fun to just play night after night! Every show was different, it's just what being in a band is all about really, it was so much fun.

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
MK: Our plans for the next 12 months are to play/tour as much as we can and keep getting new people to hear about Mallory Knox. We have a few tours lined up in early 2011 already. We are constantly writing new songs and hope to release another CD at some point next year as well.

'Pilot' by Mallory Knox is available free here.

Mallory Knox on MySpace and Facebook.

Liam McGarry

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