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Feature: Pegasus Bridge - 'While We're Young' Track by Track

Pegasus Bridge's 'While We're Young' sees the Manchester-based four-piece producing a radiant, tight pop-rock sound that is gaining plenty of praise; including a 5/5 review right here on Alter The Press!

We recently caught up with vocalist/guitarist Ed Turner from Pegasus Bridge to give us a brief track by track guide to their début record.

This was the first song we wrote for the album. Ages and ages ago, before we were taking it so seriously. It was a very strange time. I don't think there's any reason to go too deep into this one. The lyrics explain everything.

Two summers ago, my brother, my Dad and I went on a canoing holiday in central France. All we took was a rucksack each, a hire car and a ukulele. 'Yoko' was written on the uke in the beautiful Ardechè region, and the vocals shortly after. I originally intended it to be a massive epic (it sounds a lot different on the ukulele recording), but when I took it to the guys they saw it differently.

A few of us were in town one night and we found this guy who was really badly beaten up. We called the ambulance and got him some help. Callum (Roxborough - vocals/Synthesisers) had this cool (and very appropriate) sample of a drunk guy looking for his friend, so we put that in the middle section.

I was 18 before I started drinking coffee and tea. The only hot drink I could stomach was hot Ribena, which my brother and I were encouraged to drink by our Nanna. I suppose the song is about the transition from youth to manhood in that respect. Funnily enough, Tom (Lynam - drummer) still can't stomach any hot liquids. Not even chicken soup.

While We're Young'
Lyrically, this is probably my favourite song from the album. It's got a really strong moral of "do it while you're young", and really sums up why we decided to pursue the band. There's not a lot of money in it for us right now, but that's not the point.

The whole song is about waiting for someone. Dogs seemed like an appropriate metaphor for waiting, so that's how we wrote it. We spend ages on lyrics. Alex (Howick- bassist) and I will sit in my room with the song on loop for hours. Even if we just get one line, if it's the right line, it's worth it.

When we took this song to Jon (Mitchell), we had none of the lyrics written. I knew what I wanted the song to be about, and I had all the melodies worked out and we had a couple of lines, but I kept putting off actually writing it. So, the night before I had to do the vocals, while all the rest of the guys were out, I came back to the hotel room and sat in the bath, turned out the lights and wrote the rest of the song. It's kind of an old fashioned love song.

'While We're Young' by Pegasus Bride is available now through LAB Records.

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