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Single Review Round-Up: We Are Enfant Terrible, Vessels and Little Fish

We Are Enfant Terrible - Wild Child/Flesh 'n' Blood Kids
Released on December 6th through Last Gang Records.

I'll admit French electro-pop isn't something we mention much of on this site, if at all. We Are Enfant Terrible are the kinda act that some "hipsters" would be raving about and be labelling as the one of the underground acts of 2010. Thankfully that's not us.

Whilst this double a-side does have some appeal; 'Wild Child' is a buzzy synth electro number that is passable and has a scrappy undertone, courtesy of vocalist Clo Floret. Whereas 'Flesh 'n' Blood Kids' is dominated by 8-bit beeps and the occasional indie guitar stroke, but ultimately the trio create a sound that is scarce and quickly becomes dull.


Little Fish - Sweat n Silver
Available now through Custard/Island Records.

The Oxford duo return with their latest single, 'Sweat n Silver'. Much like their 'Baffled and Beat', it goes down a garage rock route that sees Juju Sophie's vocals dominate over a steady tempo that rarely changes throughout. Although the addition of organ keys towards the conclusion, adds an extra dynamic to the track.

Nevertheless this is likely to see the band make new fans, but there is enough substance to create some interest.


Vessels - Meatman, Piano Turner, Prostitute (ft. Stuart Warwick)
Available now through Cuckundoo Records

Vessels' latest effort, 'Meatman, Piano Turner, Prostiute' proves to be an intriguing affair, with its slow burning tempo, that in places resembles Thom Yorke's solo work. Despite its slow start, the bands delicateness is somewhat captivating. Whilst the drum work holds up the track well until it reaches its breaking point; thorough guitars that bring the track home and ultimately leaves you reasonably interested in the band.


Sean Reid

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