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Alter The Press! Presents: Call Off The Search

Kent's Call Off The Search have had a rough ride with members coming and going, however now with a settled line-up the four-piece are yet to make a strong impression with their new EP, 'What Doesn't Kill Us...'. Influenced, inspired and compared to the likes of Four Year Strong and New Found Glory, Call Off The Search tick all the right boxes when it comes to feel-good pop-punk; catchy, tight and as fun as hell to listen to.

With plans to hit the road and to record new material, expect to hear more from Call Off The Search this year.

Stream 'What Doesn't Kill Us...' by Call Off The Search

For Fans Of: Four Year Strong, Hit The Lights, New Found Glory and The Get Up Kids.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
Call Off The Search: If you like fun, fast and hugely addictive tunes than you'll love Call Off The Search. Our songs always vary with different subjects, but they're always layered with contagious hooks and sing-a-long choruses. But it's at the live shows where we truly come into our own, with a highly energetic atmosphere full of animated crowds who are always shouting, clapping, jumping and even creating an odd human pyramid that's become a regular occurrence.

We're just a blend of Four Year Strong and New Found Glory as far as sound goes. While being lyrically reminiscent of the Emo princes, The Get Up Kids. Overall, as a band, we just love that people enjoy the noise we create, and we hope that a few people at Alter The Press! will too.

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
COTS: Call Off The Search was once a very different beast known as The Sketch which obviously changed over time, from a simple duo to the heavy, hard hitting, brutal punk rock outfit containing the four of us that it is now. With all the member changes we had in such a small amount of time, the future of the band was never really certain. With one last change that consisted of bringing in a new drummer, the pieces were finally put together to create the jigsaw that's now Call Off The Search. With the new members, new direction and all the other changes, we thought that the name should be changed to fit the process. Call Off The Search is now full of friends, out to play music to all those that are there to listen.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
COTS: We as a band have done a lot, toured the UK, shared staged with many prolific artists, played festivals, even won competitions, however, I believe our latest CD "What Doesn't Kill Us..." is our greatest achievement and highlight, not because the reviews have been overly positive, but because we poured so much blood, sweat and time into it. Not to mention we had a ball making it. But as with everything in this business, things happened to prevent the record from being finished for quite some time. So when we were told that the CD's we're being held by customs in the UK, we at least knew the CD release would be right around the corner. So when we finally got the album and had something to present to our fans it was a proud moment. A definite highlight.

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
COTS: The new CD is out on Engineer Records and Pacific Ridge Records, so with that, we're all set to tour across the UK and Europe. Along with the tour, we're shooting a music video for the first track off of our new album, which is titled "Train Yourself To Drive In Color". We'll be shooting the video in January, which is very exciting, they are always a big manic mess of fun, so we are looking forward to that. We'll continue writing our new songs including a few new singles and b-side for a release mid 2011. The most important plan of them all is our goal to tour, tour and tour. We'll be playing as many shows as we can to as many people as we possibly can. Expect to see the name Call Off The Search on many many flyers!

'What Doesn't Kill Us...' by Call Off The Search is released on January 25th through Engineer Records/Pacific Ridge Records.

Pre-Order 'What Doesn't Kill Us' here.

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