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Album Review: Bayside - Killing Time

Having departed company with Victory Records, Bayside followed Victory alumni to New York City-based label, Wind-Up Records to release their fifth full-length, 'Killing Time'. Produced by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and the new Twin Atlanic record), the New York quartet, as always manage to produce a solid collection of songs but simultaneously leave you feeling slightly disappointed.

Opening with 'Already Gone' is Bayside at their best; strong vocals from Anthony Raneri, a driving chorus and a subtle punk rock vibe. It ultimately kicks off the album on a high and thankfully the band carry on riding the crest with 'Sick Sick Sick'; an Alkaline Trio-like number with some neat harmonies in the chorus and a good tempo, its no surprise its been released as a single.

Throughout the band provide moments that are reminiscent of their earlier work; 'Mona Lisa', a tight, well-structured rock number with a fairly accessible appeal. 'Seeing Sound' has a gritty guitar feel, with the band as a whole sounding confident and the additional "woahs" shows the bands somewhat brighter side.

Whilst 'On Love, On Life' is a more calmer, gentler Bayside with Raneri's voice floating sweetly alongside a the light piano lead. Whilst its not the best track here, it is a stark contrast to a majority of this record meaning its different approach is to an extent welcomed.

The title track closes the record with a healthy mix of hard-hitting drum work, sensible structure and favourable melodies. You could say it sums up the album as a whole, as once again Bayside have produced an appreciative effort that is well-rounded that is decent enough to keep you interested to the end. Although like Bayside's more recent efforts, you come away feeling their isn't much longevity here and at times you feel you've heard it all before.

Nonetheless 'Killing Time' is a strong release and given some time to grow, could lead to better things for the band.


'Killing Time' by Bayside is released on February 22nd though Wind-Up Records.

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