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Album Review: Man Overboard - The Absolute Worst 7"

With 'The Absolute Worst' its a case of stick with what you know, which may sound like a bad thing but its simply not, as Man Overboard deliver another exceptional pop-punk release.

Whilst it maybe a way of introducing the band on their new home, Rise Records however the four-piece manage to produce same feel-good numbers that last year's 'Real Talk' full-length consistently provided. The title track leaves you hooked instantly with the standard lyrical pop-punk style of standing tall and ditching the girl; "Girls like you are the absolute worst, I really tried like you but you messed it up first". It's a quick and effective 2 and half minutes of near pop-punk perfection. Overall it keeps up the momentum the band already had and at the same time leaves excited for what the band has planned next.

A re-recorded version of 'I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled' serves well as the b-side and whilst its not the bands best work, it still has an attraction and is a good lead into the bands earlier work. Its catchy, punchy and like a lot of the bands songs, makes you play on repeat for months.

For some this may look like a throwaway release or a stop-gap between two records, the title track alone makes this 7" worthwhile.


'The Absolute Worst' by Man Overboard is released on February 22nd through Rise Records.

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Sean Reid

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