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Alter The Press! Presents: The Vinyls

After releasing their superb debut EP, 'Extended Play' in November of last year, New Jersey band The Vinyls are getting a lot of attention. The five-piece pride themselves on putting out extremely catchy, honest tunes, and “Extended Play” is full of them. While the band has been compared to the likes of Jimmy Eat World and The Dangerous Summer, they have a style all their own. This style combines guitar driven anthems with passionate lyrics and the occasional synthesizer for good measure.

The Vinyls will soon be releasing a video for their single ‘American Dream’ (which can be heard above), and are gearing up to record a second release with Rob Freeman this spring. They have also started a Kickstarter to assist with funding the record. With all of this momentum, The Vinyls are poised to become one of the surprise hits of 2011.

For Fans Of: Jimmy Eat World, The Dangerous Summer, and Acceptance.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
The Vinyls: We feel that Alter The Press! readers should give The Vinyls a listen because we are extremely passionate about writing honest music and we are completely devoted to our songs. Our debut EP “Extended Play” is a start to a new beginning for all of us and I can speak for everyone when I say that this finally feels like home.

ATP: What's the story behind the band?
The Vinyls: Well the band formed early this summer when Dave and I began writing for a new project. Dave and I have been writing together for a really long time and we have never stopped searching for the perfect lineup. One night we were out at a local New Brunswick, NJ venue called the Court Tavern and that’s where we met our drummer Rick, who was filling in for a band at the time. Dan is actually Rick’s brother and Zach was a friend of ours in the scene, as well as Rick’s hair dresser. We all started writing together and it just clicked right from the start because of our similar tastes in music. Ever since that day we have all devoted our lives to The Vinyls.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
The Vinyls: Our greatest accomplishment so far would be the release of our debut EP “Extended Play”. It feels great to have the first release under our belts and we can’t wait to head back into the studio for the next release.

ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
The Vinyls: The Vinyls will be insanely busy this upcoming year. We are playing tons of awesome shows, including March 19th at the School of Rock in NJ for the Dangerous Summer Tour. We also are getting back into the studio within the next few months to start on our next release. We are all insanely stoked with the way the new material is coming out!

'Extended Play' by The Vinyls via the bands Big Cartel and various digital outlets.

Contribute to The Vinyl's Kickstarter page here.

The Vinyls on Facebook, Purevolume, Twitter and Tumblr.

Words by Landon Petterson

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