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Album Review: Ten After Two - Truth Is...

Sacramento quintet Ten After Two surprise immediately with ‘Yes’, the first track on ‘Truth Is...’, the listener is instantly hit with a well written guitar riff lying seductively in between some incredibly tight drum arrangements, the precision of that percussion is particularly impressive, and sits nicely within the fire that emerged from Elanor Manor’s ashes.

Their combination of a both tight and heavy guitar/drum onslaught and the shifts between the power of the verses’ screams and the chorus’ lighter hook are a testament to their contemporaries in a genre that keeps on giving, Silverstein and The Red October would be proud.

‘Before You Know It’ begins in an aesthetic manner, a strong, held vocal holding the fort while the signature balls out sound of the band does what they do best, the contrast between Sean Wall’s growl and his soothing chorus really calls me to appreciate the talent behind the band’s musical wrath. This is post hardcore at its best, and possibly its most beautiful.

The guitars and drums really are the highlight of this record however, as they continue to impress throughout, the obvious prowess of Doty, Hennion and Adorno really shining through even through impressive changes such as dramatic synth-led bridges, they still remain the cream of the crop. For an example check out the introduction to ‘Sight At Sea’, a drum focused introduction that always delivers despite the slightly more poppy chorus is delivers.

‘Believe Me’ sounds almost like it was written by a completely different band, the album’s last offering opening its heart to its listeners in a way that is truly accentuated with the strings, and the return of the power of Ten After Two’s brilliant drums and guitars over an honest vocal line and tight bass, the power of this almost ballad is the perfect clincher.

To those who have no plans to listen to ‘Truth Is...’ change your plans, because this band is a juggernaut, and you have no right to not give it the chance it deserves.


'Truth Is...' by Ten After Two is available now on Rise Records.

Ten After Two on MySpace, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Words by Edward Strickson

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