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Album Review: Arms & The Man - Arms & The Man EP

Arms & the Man don't take themselves very seriously. Don't get it twisted, we're not talking Bloodhound Gang or Bowling for Soup levels of frolics and laxity, but the Hertfordshire 5-piece's approach is anything but stringent and articulate. They themselves describe their sound as "very immature, devoid of emotion and very bloody rock". Lovely.

At three tracks long their latest, self-titled, EP is over almost as soon as it begins, but manages to provide a feast of hard rock, a ruthlessly driven punk/metal hybrid.

Riff laden opener 'Guitarmageddon' is the sort of brutal, expletive fueled middle finger salute that would see Bruce Willis blubbering in a corner of the space shuttle Independence screaming for his Mummy. Rapture predicting American preachers take note.

'Stay Down, Hitchin' is an ever changing affair, careering forward like a monster truck in places, cruising like a Nissan Micra in others, all the while maintaining an angst epitomised by cutthroat screams and ballsy lyrics.

The delightfully named 'Riffalanche' continues the trend of no nonsense, yet somehow mildly amusing hard rock, benefiting from harshly spat vocals, the words "Hey buddy, hey hey buddy, we haven't see you around for a while" giving the track a venomous, teeth grinding tinge that you can't help but enjoy.

By the end your head is beginning to throb (which I imagine is quite possibly a box ticked for some of you). It sure isn't pretty. It's more Dita Von Teese than Cheryl Cole, more Vinny Jones than Lionel Messi. But you would imagine that Arms & the Man wouldn't have it any other way.


'Arms & The Man EP' by Arms & The Man is released on May 30th through Scylla Records.

Arms & The Man on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Words by Liam McGarry

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