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Album Review: I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business - Gold Rush‏

As you may or may not know, 'Gold Rush' has been tipped as Ace Enders' swan song due to Enders' complex relationship with the music industry. 'The World We Know' was released digitally last year and was mostly ignored in comparrison to his material with The Early November. Despite the simpler songwriting in 'Gold Rush' in comparrison to any of Ace Enders' other projects, the albums content is solid and to the point.

'Gold Rush' is an anthem that could easily propel Ace Enders into the limelight, the songs hook "Eureka, I struck gold" uses mining metaphors to convey Ace Enders lack of faith in the music industry. A personal highlight seems to be 'Lame Duck' which features an upbeat chorus', "L-A-M-E Duck, she's flying in circles knowing there's love left in us", alongside Ace's signature vocal hooks.

Reversed loops open 'Connected' which is a soothing rest stop for the album where Ace takes a breather from the intensity of the album so far. 'Complications' also takes a soothing pop aesthetic that hasn't really been present on Ace's other projects.

From there on, no songs really give off the same effect that the first 4 songs did. The recycled 'Gods' which Ace has been playing since the days of his Million Different People project is a simple but easily forgettable song. It isn't really until the final song 'Train Stop' that the album picks up again. 'Gold Rush' is concise and to the point and despite a few flaws, it's still a cohesive album and a very enjoyable listen that has been in constant rotation around my iTunes. This is clearly a 35 minute long thank you card from Ace to the diehard fans that supported him via Kickstarter.


'Gold Rush' by I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business is available now on Bandcamp and on vinyl via American Dream Records

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Words by George Gadd

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