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Live Review: Taking Back Sunday and The Xcerts - Rock City, Nottingham - 19/5/11

Despite a bulk of the tour being postponed for scheduling reasons, its somewhat of a saving grace that tonights show was rearranged by five days and furthermore The Xcerts remain as the main support for both this show and the following night in London. Whilst seeing the trio in a larger venue compared to their headline show at The Rescue Rooms last month, their brand of energetic, indie alt-rock transforms well into the setting and are given a warm reception as the bands set is mainly made up of songs from last year's 'Scatterbrain'.

As always Murray Macleod's passionate vocals are a highlight, especially on 'Distant Memory' and the closing 'Hurt With Me'. Whilst at times it seemed like not everyone was paying attention to The Xcerts, those who were left impressed and as a whole their style left a neat segway for what was to come.

With a massive Union Jack flag serving as the backdrop, it seemed somewhat surreal seeing the 'Tell All Your Friends' Taking Back Sunday line-up open up with 'Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)' and then embark on an eighteen song set. For fans of that album, this is exactly what you want from TBS; John Nolan's perfectly timed backing vocals complimenting Adam Lazarra's well-rounded showmanship and overall position as front man.

With new tracks in 'El Paso', 'Best Places To Be A Mom ' and 'Faith (When I Let You Down)' being spread throughout and showing a refreshed band with plenty of hunger and suitably fit well with the bands back catalog. Whereas forgotten numbers like 'One-Eighty By Summer' and 'Error: Operator' are dusted off and keep up the momentum.

In addition the band's compassionate cover of Straylight Run's 'Existentialism On Prom Night,' is a bittersweet moment and with combination of Lazarra and Nolan, they're able make it sound like their own.

Nevertheless, for many seeing tracks from 'Tell All Your Friends' being performed was the highlight. 'You're So Last Summer', 'Ghost Man On Third', 'Timberwolves At New Jersey' and 'There's No 'I' In Team' all received great responses before the end sign off with their post-TAYF "hit" 'MakeDamnSure' thus ending a night that brought a feeling of nostalgia and renewed hope for Long Island, NY band.

Taking Back Sunday's self-titled album is released on June 27th/28th through Warner Bros.

Words by Sean Reid

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