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Album Review: La Dispute/Koji - Never Come Undone

Over the past 12 months, both La Dispute and Koji have been gathering a strong following, and with a close friendship between the band and the singer, this 12" split is an ideal release.

On the La Dispute half, 'Sunday Morning, at a Funeral' provides a soft, dreary opening that slowly picks up pace but never quite gives the pull off you expect. Nevertheless, the bands musicianship makes the admirable and gives a good idea of what La Dispute are about. Whereas 'Last Blues' shows the bands ability to stir up strong emotion at times, however the scarce use of Jordan Dreyer's vocals in places give the track an empty feel. However when Dreyer is brilliantly used, he is able to provide a reaction and an overall intense feeling.

Koji nicely picks up where he left off with last year's split with Into It. Over It. 'Peacemaker' has a delicate sound that brilliantly compliments Koji's smooth melodic vocals, whilst the use of percussion adds a healthy layer to his sound.

The cover of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists' 'Biomusicology' caps off the release and is a stark reminder of why Koji drew us all in with 'IIOI/KOJI'. It's slow, swaying tempo is beautifully timed and the complimentary strings are arranged well. Whilst the instrumental bridge and its preceding build-up is stunning yet calm.

'Never Come Done' ultimately serves its purpose well; gives fans something to tide them over and introduces new fans to both La Dispute and Koji. However between the two, Koji produces a stronger showing, as his precise use of melodies and delicate rhythm whilst in comparison, La Dispute don't quite live up to the mark but are still able to make their mark.


'Never Come Undone' by La Dispute/Koji is available now on No Sleep Records.

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