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ATP! Label Profile: Either/Or Records

Formed two years ago in Doylestown, PA, Either/Or Records has quickly established itself as one of the best emerging DIY labels in the punk genre, with releases from Citizen, Seahaven, Maker and Settle For Less in its back catalog.

Now in 2011, Either/Or Records is set to continue its rise with releases from Louder Than Bombs, Allison Weiss and Citizens in the works.

Interview with Rob Hackert.

Year Founded: 2009

First Release: All We Are - Things That Matter

Latest Release: Citizen split EP with The Fragile Season ('The Only Place I Know')

5 Essential Releases:
Maker - 'I-91'
Citizen/The Fragile Season - 'The Only Place I Know' EP
Settle for Less - 'Greetings'
Homelife/BikeTuff - Split EP
His Day Has Come - 'Where I Belong'

Number of Releases: 8

Current Roster: Citizen, Louder than Bombs, Bearings, Featherweight, Homelife, His Day Has Come, and Bike Tuff.

Why did you form (insert label)? I formed either/or because since I was in high school I was always going to local shows and finding bands and promoting them to friends. I would be going to every show and handing out their CD to kids and I found that it was something I was really passionate about. I started helping out the label that was putting my band out, and trying to learn and began helping with finding new bands. We were just about to sign a few of the bands that I found when the owner decided to call it quits. When that happened I decided to start something of my own, with the goal of getting up and coming bands out there and giving bands a chance that most others wouldn't touch and helping them develop.

How did you come up with the name Either/Or? 'Either/Or' is my favorite Elliott Smith album, and I wanted to incorporate Elliott Smith in the name somehow so I settled on Either/Or Records as the final name.

Why should people take an interest in Either/Or?
Kids are always looking for new music, with the internet at your fingertips its easier than ever to find your new favorite band. I think by having a label that finds up and coming bands and promotes them helps kids find what they normally wouldnt. And by checking those bands out and spreading them by word of mouth, it keeps the underground healthy. New bands are vital and keep things that I held precious growing up like, shows, being a part of a musical community going.

What are your future plans for Either/Or?
I hope to keep growing, and learning and do the best I can for the bands that I work with. I have some really cool releases coming up, Louder than Bombs is releasing a new 7" this summer, were releasing Allison Weiss' "Was Right All Along" on 12" vinyl this summer as well.

Citizen is recording for their new EP as well as a tribute this summer and another installment of my compilation Either/Or and more and youth against metalcore. So theres alot coming from us this year. Support your local shows,support local bands, be a part of your musical community.

Either/Or Records on Facebook, Bandcamp, MySpace, Big Cartel and Tumblr.

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