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ATP! Label Profile: Walnut Tree Records

Walnut Tree Records is a label we've had a mutual respect for for quite some time here at Alter The Press! Since forming four years ago, label owner Tom Beck still runs the label by himself and during this time Walnut Tree Records has developed and established up and coming UK bands such as Tiger Please, Cuba Cuba and more recently Gunning For Tamar. In addition Beck's unique and independent approach has led to such creations as The Secret Treehouse Singles Club, which saw the label releasing six limited edition singles over a six week period.

The label's hard work has led to Walnut Tree Records becoming one of the most respectable independent labels in the UK.

Interview with Tom Beck.

Year founded: 2007

First Release: Waiting For Sirens - 'Waiting For Sirens'

Latest Releses: The Secret Treehouse Singles Club with Ghostlines (featuring members of Funeral For A Friend and Hondo Maclean)
Drawings - 'Bones'
Gunning For Tamar - 'Deaf Cow Motel' EP (Released May 30th)
Cuba Cuba - 'Where Else Is Safe But The Road?' (Set to be released in June)

5 Essential Releases:
Tiger Please - 'They Don't Change Under Moonlight'
Bayonets - 'Wishes & Wishes'
Burn The Fleet - 'Burn The Fleet'
Punktastic Un-Scene 5
Portman - 'From Here To Yours Eyes And Ears'

Number of Releases: 24. Two of which were co-released. I have also helped distribute 15 international releases too.

Current Roster:
Burn The Fleet
Cuba Cuba
Gunning For Tamar
Tiger Please

Why did you form Walnut Tree Records?
As an attempt to reclaim my passion for music. I was, and still are, working for a major label and I became really disillusioned with how the industry worked and wanted to find bands that would mean something to me. I started missing the days when bands exited me, essentially.

How did you come up with the name Walnut Tree Records?
My family home is called Walnut Cottage after the big walnut tree in the garden, something my bedroom window overlooked. I like the idea that a tree can start from the smallest of seeds and grow into the most impressive thing. I wanted to follow a similar path.

Why should people take an interest in Walnut Tree Records?
This label has never been about making money or being the popular guys - I work with bands I genuinely love and I am passionate about. I'm fortunate to have some incredibly talented bands who share my views of music and how to market yourself, and it's brilliant when fans feel the same way. We're a genuine label who wants the best for our bands without compromising on or beliefs.

What are your future plans for Walnut Tree Records?
hope to follow in the footsteps of labels such as BSM and Alcopop and create a legacy based on great releases - starting with Drawings, Gunning For Tamar and Cuba Cuba. I plan to focus on a few more album releases and introduce a few new bands this year. I'm also working on something for January 2012 which I think is fairly unique for a label of this size and will hopefully educate people on how independents work.

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