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Alter The Press! Presents: The Electric Modern

London's The Electric Modern formed in 2008 and have since been fine tuning their brand of atmospheric indie rock that is bound to win fans of The Killers, Jimmy Eat World and Bloc Party over. Tracks like 'Let's Get Away' are adrenaline-filled, catchy and well-structured. Whereas 'Time To Reflect' and 'Making Conversation' thrive on intricate guitar melodies.

Earlier this year the quartet joined up with The Animal Farm, which led to the band recording new material, as well as forming a partnership with Jack&Jones clothing. The coming months will see the band playing shows throughout the UK, releasing new material and more.

With such a tight and uplifting sound, The Electric Modern are destined for bigger things.

For Fans Of: The Killers, Bloc Party, Jimmy Eat World, Editors, and White Lies.

Alter The Press: Why should Alter The Press! readers check you out?
The Electric Modern: We are a British band based in London, we have a real passion for the music we write and feel the massive new sound we have needs to be heard by many. Our music is a "catchy, upbeat, dancey" form of Rock, so hopefully that will appeal to many of you!

We have an interesting mix of sound; its very melodic, and we love our harmonies, driven bass line and punchy drums. If I had to describe a mix of some artists I would say: The Killers, Bloc Party, White Lies, The Naked and Famous, and Jimmy Eat World that might get you somewhere near our sound. It's the kind of music that, years down the line will take you back to the time you first heard it with fond memories! We try our best to play gig's where ever possible, and love to be involved with our fans, we make video's and try to keep our gigs exciting and fresh. We hope you like it!

Let's Get Away by The Electric Modern
ATP: What's the story behind the band?
TEM: Dean met Adam when they were working together back in 2008. Dean at the time was involved in other music projects decided to form a new band, after some time of practice and learning new songs they decided they needed to complete the band with a drummer (Jon) and a bassist (Henry) whom both were friends with Adam. After lots of hard practice we had our first gigs and then began building momentum and gaining a positive reputation on the London scene.

ATP: Single highlight as a band so far?
TEM: Acquiring the management deal with The Animal Farm has definitely been a massive step forward for us, and we have now recorded 3 great singles with them which we have been playing at shows and have had positive response! We are dead proud of the new tracks and really cant wait for people to hear them! We also struck up a great working relationship with Jack&Jones clothing company this year.

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ATP: What are your plans for the 12 months?
TEM: We are going to be releasing those new tracks periodically throughout the year, continuing to gig and promo as best we can - "Lets Get Away" our latest single is available free download at our website so drop by and get in touch. We hopefully will plan a decent tour at some point, but at the moment we are booked up until November with gigs and festivals. We also have a live session on BBC radio in November which we are dead excited about!

'The Electric Modern' by The Electric Modern is available now on iTunes.

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