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Craig Owens Talks Possible New Isles & Glaciers Record

Craig Owens revealed in a new interview the possibility of a new Isles & Glaciers record.

An excerpt from the interview can be read below:

Someone wanted to know, would you be open to doing another Isles & Glaciers EP with just Vic [Fuentes] as the other vocalist? Obviously Jonny [Craig] isn’t in the right place right now to be doing music…
I’m not really sure, there’s been murmurs though between all of us involved — B South [Brian Southall], Myself, Matt, Mike, Nick, and Vic. Unfortunately Jonny isn’t in a good place to do that, and I hope he gets better, because the kid is so talented and he could have the world in the palm of his hand if he just did it the right way; my thoughts go out to him and his family, because I can only imagine what they’re going through right now, it’s going to be difficult.

Ultimately, it all comes down to passion though; we all need to be passionate and stoked on it, or else it’s going to be difficult to put something like this together. Would it just be Vic and I? No, we would throw someone else into the equation probably.

Is there anyone you would have in mind to fill that spot?
No; you know, we’ve tossed the idea around to see if we could put it back together, but that was just to see if we could do anything…there’s no set plans right now. The best thing about something like Isles & Glaciers is that it was a group of people that knew what they were getting into when they did it. It was about people that had 10 days, 7 or 8 of my closest friends, put them in a room, some people didn’t know each other, and that was part of the experiment fun part of it.

Another great thing about Isles & Glaciers is that it’s not too planned, but we still have to be passionate about doing it, and everybody has their own thing going on: Pierce The Veil, what we’ve got going on, and what B-South has going on, a band called The Company We Keep with Justin from Motion City Soundtrack. Everyone has their own thing, and if Isles & Glaciers happens again, it’ll be done the right way — if Jonny is in a better place to be involved, he will be…if not, we’ll get someone else.

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