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ATP! Essential Listening: KYKO

KYKO, also known as Scott Verrill, currently has only one single released, but if that’s any indication of what’s to come, you’re going to be hearing him everywhere soon. In just 2 months, “Animals” has racked up almost 43,000 plays on SoundCloud alone and has a bunch of supportive comments to go along with them.

KYKO’s voice is instantly memorable, smooth and soulful and similar to a mellower Dan Smith of Bastille. Though he’s just 18, “Animals” is incredibly polished and well crafted, showing more talent than artists far older. The song is one that instantly gets stuck in your head with its catchy melodies and each listen seems to bring out a new element or instrument that you hadn’t noticed before.

After touring around London and performing at last year’s Redfest, KYKO is now finishing up his first EP with songwriter Tim Woodcock and songwriter/producer Edd Holloway. The Animals EP will be released in late April/early May, and live performances for the rest of the year are going to be announced soon.

With so much talent shown in just one song, KYKO’s EP is heavily anticipated and is poised to gain him a hoard of new fans. Few artists release a song this wonderful for their first single and we can’t wait to see what else KYKO has in store for the music world.

Words by Lauren Jones

Alter The Press!