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Feature: Slam Dunk Festival 2010 Preview - Glamour Kills Stage

This Bank Holiday weekend, the annual Slam Dunk Festival takes place. This year's event is bigger and better; expanding over four days with events in Scotland and Bournemouth as well as the 2 main festivals in Leeds and Hatfield.

With over 50 bands and artists laying across eight stages, Alter The Press thought it'd be ideal to give you a guide on every band that is playing the brilliant event.

Over the coming days we will be previewing each stage in detail, starting with the Glamour Kills Stage.

Glamour Kills Stage
Words by Sean Reid

New Found Glory
Everyone's favourite pop-punk band make a special UK appearance as the headlining band on the Glamour Kills stage. Expect a set filled with classic NFG numbers and one of the funniest shows you'll see all year.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 9:10
Leeds: 9:20

Recommended: 'All Downhill From Here'

Four Year Strong
Massachutes' Four Year Strong return to the UK as part of Slam Dunk and with songs from their new album, 'Enemy of The World' in their arsenal. Break downs, moshing, jumping and much more is likely to be seen as the five-piece continue to rise in popularity. Their style is ideal and fits Slam Dunk down to a tee.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 8:00
Leeds: 8:10

Recommended: 'Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)'

Set Your Goals
Like their good mates FYS, Set Your Goals bring an adrenaline filled show that is certain to get the SD crowd jumping with tracks like 'Summer Jam','This Will Be The Death of Us' and 'Mutiny!'.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 6:50
Leeds: 7:00

Recommended: 'Summer Jam'

Hit The Lights
After a long overdue, Hit The Lights return to the UK with their bright brand of pop-punk that is sure to get the crowd jumping. With news of the band working on new material, its likely we could see some songs making their debut, as well as old favourites like 'Bodybag' and 'Stay Out'.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 5:50
Leeds: 6:00

Recommended: 'Stay Out'

Out Of Sight
One of the best up and coming UK pop-rock bands make the jump on to the Glamour Kills stage this year. With the release of their new album, 'Where We Go From Here' just around the corner, fans can expect pounding songs with plenty of melody.

Ahead of their appearance at Slam Dunk, ATP! spoke to Out of Sight about their appearance on the Glamour Kills stage.

Are you looking forward to the festival?
Yeah we certainly are. We've been looking forward to the festival since last year and this year it's bigger and better then ever. Last year's Slam Dunk Festival was one of the most enjoyable events of the year for us, had a great time playing and possibly all enjoyed the after party a little too much, haha. There's a lot of great company around. The festival brings together a lot of friends in bands that you don't get to see very often due to everyone being on tour.

What can fans expect from Out of Sight at Slam Dunk?
High energy, fun-filled set hopefully to go hand in hand with the weather. When you play a festival it's something different for the fans because the whole atmosphere is different, everyone is up for a good time. We're just gonna enjoy ourselves on stage and pass our energy down to the crowd. We'll get them involved and having fun and hopefully get the day off to a good start.

Are there any other bands you want to see?
Too many, if i can manage to find them this year. I got lost too many times last year haha. NFG, Four Year Strong, The Rocket Summer, Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, and a lot of our friends like, Young Guns, Futures, Deaf Havana, Not Advised etc. most of my time will be spent between the Jagermeister / Atticus Stage and the Kerrang stage for that reason.

Why should fans come and watch your band?
Because we're the band everyone wants to see but doesn't know it yet. We're still at a stage where people may have heard about us but actually haven't really taken notice yet that's what we hope to do at Slam Dunk. Our debut album is coming out on July 5th, so this is an important time for us so we need to be seen and heard.

Every Avenue
Every Avenue is what US pop-rock is all about, sweet harmonies, catchy songs and pure fun. Fans can also expect plenty of hooks, sincere lyrics as recent album, 'Picture Perfect' shows.

Recommended: 'Tell Me I'm A Wreck'

Guitarist Jimmie Deeghan recently talked to us about their visit to the UK for Slam Dunk.

Are you looking forward to the festival?
Very much looking forward to Slam Dunk. This is the first time we've had the opportunity to be a part of it and we can't wait to be honest. We love touring the UK and this will be the first FESTIVAL we've ever played over there.

What can fans expect from Every Avenue at Slam Dunk?
Fans that come to see Every Avenue at Slam Dunk can expect a damn good time! We're there to have fun just like everyone else is and can't wait to hang with fans and meet with everyone.

Are there any other bands you want to see?
To be honest I'm not sure off hand what all bands exactly are on Slam Dunk this year, but I know Breathe Carolina is and they're great friends of ours, so I'm definitely gonna try to catch there set along with Out of Sight and New Found Glory.

Why should fans come and watch your band?
Fans should come and watch us because we rarely get to tour over in the UK and this is gonna be a festival show which means fun for everyone and definitely lots of great times to be had hangin out at Slam Dunk!

Check back soon for more Slam Dunk Festival Previews.

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