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Feature: Slam Dunk Festival 2010 Preview - Relentless Stage

Relentless Stage
Words by Chris Marshman

The Rocket Summer
I honestly can’t think of a better way to close this stage, The Rocket Summer AKA Bryce Avary will have the crowd in the palm of his hand, a natural showman. This is pure pop at its best and if you’re unsure about which headliner to see, it may be worth checking this lot out.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 9:30
Leeds: 9:40

Recommended: 'Do You Feel?'

Breathe Carolina
Fancy hanging around for this lot? Good, cause you won’t regret it. Quite a unique band for this stage in terms of the fact they take advantage of an electronic vibe to bring you great summer tunes. Not a band to miss, seriously, a dark horse for band of the weekend.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 8:25
Leeds: 8:35

Recommended: 'Hello Fascination'

If you like New Found Glory, then you’ll like these. It’s as simple as that, they’ll definitely keep the party going on the Relentless stage, there’s no reason to leave it really is there?

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 7:25
Leeds: 7:35

Recommended: 'Detroit'

Crime In Stereo
Another band that will bring a huge attendance to the stage, and why not! Crime In Stereo are a cracking band, offering something perhaps a little less poppy that the previous two bands that doesn’t mean you will be able to afford to sit back and relax. They head out on tour after Slam Dunk too, so if by any chance you accidentally miss out, then hit a show up in a town near you.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 6:30
Leeds: 6:40

Recommended: 'Small Skeletal'

The Wonder Years
Quite possibly the band I’m looking forward to the most for this festival. The Wonder Years will go into Slam Dunk having been in the UK on tour, so could possibly be one of the most prepared bands to show you a good time so make sure you get to the Relentless Stage to see them in action.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 5:35
Leeds: 5:45

Recommended: 'Keystone State Dude-Core'

ATP! recently spoke to The Wonder Years about playing this year's Slam Dunk Festival.

What can fans expect from The Wonder Years at Slam Dunk?
Fans can expect to see us play as hard as we can. We consistently try to leave the stage on the verge of passing out and vomiting. That way, we know we couldn't have given anymore of ourselves during our set. We'll mostly be doing material off our new full length The Upsides. This is our fourth UK tour so they've heard all the old stuff. Time to give them something fresh.

Are there any other bands you want to see?
I want to see just about everyone on the show. So many friends are playing! I'd say I'm most excited for New Found Glory but I bet almost everyone at the festival feels that way.

Why should fans could and watch your band?
I think we're on at a really solid time. It doesn't seem to conflict with too much else and certainly not with other bands in our little sub-genre so if you're into bands like us, you can watch without having to worry about missing Fireworks or This Time Next Year!

This Time Next Year
Slam Dunk have come up with a right gem here, making their UK debut This Time Next Year are sure to carry on the feel good, summery vibe, they’re a band in it for the good times, having offered their latest album, “Road Maps & Heart Attacks” on a pay what you want deal, there’s really no excuse to having not listened to these.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 4:40
Leeds: 4:50

Recommended: 'Sweetest Air'

This Time Next Year's Brad Wisemen talked to ATP! ahead of their performance on the Relentless stage.

What can fans expect from This Time Next Year at Slam Dunk?
It's going to be a fun and energetic set. We can't wait to play in the UK for the first time! Were going to give the set our all and hope for the best.

Are there any other bands you want to see?
Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Every Avenue, so many more to list!

Why should fans could and watch your band?
We're a fun band, enjoy playing our music and try to put on a good show. What more can people ask for. Our sets at the fest are going to be a blast.

All Or Nothing
A band that have always offered a lot of potential, All Or Nothing have bagged themselves a great spot opening up the Relentless stage. This Birmingam lot offer pop punk with great choruses in abundance.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 3:45
Leeds: 3:55

Recommended: 'Hate Being The Dip Guy'

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