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Feature: Slam Dunk Festival 2010 Preview - Macbeth Acoustic Stage and Babycakes Bar

Macbeth Acoustic Stage

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (Leeds Only)
Sam Duckworth aka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly will close the Macbeth Acoustic with an intimate, laptop-backed set that will see the Essex-based singer perform songs from his previous releases 'The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenage' and 'Searching for the Hows and Whys', as well possible new songs as Sam is expected to release a new album later this year.

Stage Time: 9:30-10:30

Recommended: 'The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager (Part One)'

Lights And Sounds
Lights And Sounds take a break from writing their debut full-length to play an acoustic set at Slam Dunk. Pleasing and charming indie-pop tunes are expected from this London five-piece.

Stage Times: 8:30-9:00

Recommended: 'Once In A Lifetime'

Chas Palmer-Williams
Former Lightyear vocalist Chas Palmer-Williams brings a feel-good set to Slam Dunk, with songs titles like 'I Feel Like a Million Zimbabwean Dollars'. Chas is sure to bring some slight relief to festival.

Stage Times: 7:00-7:30

Recommended: 'I Feel Like a Million Zimbabwean Dollars'

Gavin Butler
Gavin Butler steps out of his day job in The Blackout to perform on the Macbeth Acoustic stage. We'll admit we don't know what to expect from Butler, but we're sure fans of The Blackout will eat it up.

Stage Time: 5:30-6:00

Lost On Campus
Rob Lynch aka Lost On Campus brings his brand of upbeat, acoustic pop to Slam Dunk with songs from his recent 'In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart' EP likely to feature.

Stage Time: 4:50-5:20

Recommended: 'Open Sesame'

An excited Rob Lynch recently spoke to ATP! about his appearance at Slam Dunk.

Are you looking forward to the festival?
Yeah, I can't wait! I was going to go along to one of the dates anyway, so it's great to have been asked to play. I've been to all of them (apart from in 2007) and it's always an awesome day/messy night.

What can fans expect from Lost On Campus at Slam Dunk?
Singalong acoustic pop songs! For this set, it'll just be me and the guitar, and maybe an appearance from a special guest. There'll be a few old songs, a few new songs, and maybe a cover thrown in for good measure!

Are there any other bands you want to see?
There's loads I want to see, I hope I don't clash with them! Can't wait to see Moneen, as they're always incredible live, The Rocket Summer, as I've never managed to catch them, and then Fireworks, Hit The Lights and NFG for guaranteed good times. From the UK bands I really want to see Futures, Not Advised and Devil Sold His Soul. Oh, and at Leeds Get Cape as he always great live. It's a good job I've got 2 days to fit in watching everyone!

Why should fans come and watch you?
There is a lot of pop punk and heavier music, so come and watch something a little bit different to everything else that is on and have a feelgood singalong with your friends!

Sam Little
ATP! favourite Sam Little pops up at Slam Dunk and like good mate; Lost On Campus, brings the sweetest, most pleasant pop songs you'll hear during the whole festival. As our interview states below, Sam promises a fun show with the possible guest appearance here and there.

Stage Time: 4:10-4:40

Recommended: 'Fallin''

As said Sam spoke to ATP! about playing Slam Dunk.

Are you looking forward to the festival?
So much! There's so many fantastic bands playing. I have a feeling I'm gonna be running around stage to stage haha. It's also a great opportunity for me, so I'm gonna try and pull out all the stops.

What can fans expect from Sam Little at Slam Dunk?
You're gonna get a classic Sam Little show, so there'll be running around, more hooks than that Peter Pan remake with Robin Williams and probably some kind of cheesy pop cover haha. OH and along with James from Deaf Havana joining me for 'Fallin'', I'm also pulling out another guest appearance that I think people will enjoy.

Are there any other bands you want to see?
Pretty much every band on the bill. I'm really excited for Hit The Lights, The Rocket Summer and obviously New Found Glory.. I'm kinda glad I'm on early, so I can lose my voice singing along after (the Leeds date that is).

Why should fans could and watch your band?
Because I'm gonna be playing one hell of a memorable set and because they'll definitely need to warm up their voices for the drunk singalongs that'll ensue later. Game ON!

Portia Conn
The adorable Portia Conn has the task of opening the Macbeth Acoustic stage with her brand of delicate and sweet acoustic-pop. With a voice that will blow you away, Portia nicely sets the tone for the rest of the stage's line-up.

Stage Time: 3:30-4:00

Recommended: 'I Don't Care'

Babycakes Bar
Words by Chris Marshman
If you ever want to see an actual brand personified, then the Babycakes Bar will be the place for you this weekend, with the likes of Synthetic Season and Henry Homesweet offering autotune and colourful clothing in abundance and Sean Smith (The Blackout) and Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) along with Lags (Gallows) offering all your DJ needs. If you’re just after one continuous party, the bbcks bar will probably be the place to find it. In what will probably be one of the biggest draws of the weekend, the much talked about Millionaires will also be making an appearance and playing a set for your pleasure, if there’s one band not to miss on that bill, then it will be them.

L'amour La Morgue - 9:00
Sean Smith (The Blackout) - 8:00
Henry Homesweet - 7:00
Resident DJ - 6:40
Millionaires - 6:00
Lags (Gallows) - 5:00
Resident DJ - 4:30
Synthetic Season - 4:00
Resident DJ - 3:00

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