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Single Review Round-Up: The Gaslight Anthem, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Violent Soho, Four Year Strong, Little Fish and The Suzukis

This edition of the Single Review Round-Up includes singles from The Gaslight Anthem, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Violent Soho, Four Year Strong, Little Fish and The Suzukis

The Gaslight Anthem - The Diamond Church Street Choir/Boxer
Released August 9th

New Jersey's The Gaslight Anthem treat fans to a double A-side with 'The Diamond Church Street Choir'/'Boxer'. Both tracks are taken from the bands recent 'American Slang' record. The former track is a blues-y number, with a struttering guitar that calmly builds up to chilled out chorus, which allows Brian Fallon's words to stand out.

Whilst 'Boxer' is The Gaslight Anthem we know and love; feel-good, punk rock-inspired rock and roll. Driven by clever guitar work and Fallon's storytelling style, its the more favourable then the first track. Nevertheless give an accurate impression of the band and their latest full-length.


Dinosaur Pile-Up - Birds and Planes
Available now on Friends Vs Records

Dinosaur Pile-Up preview their forthcoming 'Growing Pains' with 'Birds and Planes', an upbeat and immediate slice of alt-rock. Sounding like a mix of Jawbreaker and Nirvana with a hint of Weezer; its definitely a strong reminder of 90's rock. The bands thrash their way through 3 and half minute track with much urgency, and do not leave space for much else. However it does have a lasting impression and perhaps the album, will give listeners a more defined opinion on the band.


Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
Available now on Ecstatic Peace/Defacto

Australia's Violent Soho continue to prepare to their rise to bigger, wider things with 'Jesus Stole My Girlfriend'. A quirky straight-up rock track, that slightly reminds me of fellow Ozzie's The Vines. Luke Boerdam proves a somewhat erratic voice over the bands swirling guitars, as the band as a whole break in and out of what is essentially, a steady-paced rock track. At the end you're left intrigued by what the band have to offer, and their soon-to-be-released self-titled album is likely to fill this void.


Four Year Strong - It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
Released on August 23rd on Defacto/Island Records

The way things have been going for this pop-punk juggernaut lately, it must be anything but suck to be Four Year Strong right now. Following up their outstanding performance at Slam Dunk earlier this year, 'It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now' gets a UK-only release. Whilst its a great song and represents the bands sound brilliantly; singalong chorus mixed with thumping drums and rocking guitars, its likely it won't win over people who a) haven't heard the band yet and b) don't already own 'Enemy of The World'.

Nevertheless it is one of several highlights from the album, so its definitely worth giving a chance.


Little Fish - Whiplash
Released on August 9th on Custard/Island Records

Seconds into hearing 'Whiplash', its pretty clear why this duo; made up of Juju Sophie and Nez Greenaway, have played shows with Blondie, Hole and Juliette Lewis. Whilst the track dosn't straight-up copy any of those acts, it the influence is immediate as Juju's strong vocals are confident and have presence. Whilst her guitar is jangly yet (kinda) simple, with Greenaway providing a standard tempo that keeps the track on its feet.

It's quickness means the track does not give a defined opinion of the band. They sound promising but its a sound that lacks depth, and is quickly forgotten about.


The Suzukis - Reasons For Leaving
Available now on DeltaSonic

Classing everyone from Queens of The Stone Age to The Stooges as influences, gives you a rough idea of what to expect from The Suzukis. 'Reasons For Leaving' is slow-burning number with plenty of energy and rawness, that bursts through with a standard rock sound. Whilst it isn't brilliant, you still have a clear understanding of the bands style. One that is passionate and sticks to their guns, rather then becoming something they're not.


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