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Feature: Slam Dunk Festival 2010 Preview - Kerrang! UK Now Stage

Following on from our preview of the Glamour Kills stage. The Kerrang! UK Now Stage sees truly the best in up and coming UK bands getting the opportunity to showcase their talents on a stage which in the past has included the likes of Twin Atlantic, Canterbury, All Forgotten, All or Nothing and Attack! Attack!

Kerrang!/Relentless UK Now Stage
Words by Chris Marshman

Giving away an album for free was always going to be a risky choice, but when Futures’ album was released with an issue of Rock Sound in March, it proved to be an inspired choice. Having been handpicked to support on tours with Kids In Glass Houses and Young Guns, the future is bright for these boys.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 8:50
Leeds: 8:40

Recommended: 'Sal Paradise'

Deaf Havana
Losing a key member is a hard enough time for any band to go through, having only recently lost their “screamer” instead of wallowing around Deaf Havana have picked themselves up and gone out on tour with Emarosa prior to Slam Dunk, and having seen them as this new incarnation, I can assure you that they’re still not a band to miss.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 7:30
Leeds: 7:40

Recommended: 'Nicotine & Alcohol Saved My Life'

Not Advised
One of, if not the best UK pop punk band around at the moment, having recently signed to LAB Records; May is potentially a big month for these guys with their eagerly anticipated EP “After The Fight” dropping on the 24th and a slot high up on the Kerrang introducing stage, at this here festival. It’s time for these boys to step up and show us what they’re made of. Their latest release contains all you need to get into this band.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 6:20
Leeds: 6:30

Recommended: 'Right Now'

Straight Lines
Formed from the ashes of former band, Said Mike; Straight Lines are a band that will soon be associated in that bracket of “there’s something in the water in Wales” bands along with The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses etc. Their potential is defined through their debut album, “Persistance In This Game” which has seen widespread praise throughout the music press (read our review here).

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 5:20
Leeds: 5:30

Recommended: 'Runaway Now'

Straight Lines drummer Dane recently spoke to ATP! ahead of their Slam Dunk appearence.

Are you looking forward to the festival?
Yeah, we're proper stoked about Slam Dunk! We've never been before and line-up is incredible! We've been told by loads of bands that it's really good fun.

What can fans expect from Straight Lines at Slam Dunk?
We're not gonna hold back, there's going to be loads of people who have never seen us before so we're out to impress!

Are there any other bands you want to see?
The line-up is amazing this year so there's loads of bands we're hoping to see. I guess New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Four Year Strong, Out Of Sight, Skindred, Rx Bandits, Young Guns, Not Advised and Futures are going to be top of our list. Hopefully we can catch as many of those as possible.

Why should fans come and watch your band?
They could come and watch us because we always put in 110% for every show but this might increase for Slam Dunk! We usually have a few funny things to say and encourage singalongs. We highly recommend you listen to our album 'Persistence In This Game' first, so that you can join in with the singalongs.

Kill Casino
Having had a relatively quiet year, this London punk trio will be looking to hit 2010 as hard as they can with these two festival appearances. With two mini albums out that have enjoyed a fair bit of success with the mainstream magazines, it's up to the band now to prove that they're as good live as they are on record.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 4:20
Leeds: 4:30

Recommended: 'Best Served Cold'

Perhaps inadvertently the band with the biggest amount of pressure on their shoulders this weekend, they were handpicked by Tom DeLonge himself after a competition to find the openers of this stage. It’s been a whirlwind 12 months for this band, having seen positive reviews everywhere they go, they’re heading out on a co-headlining tour after Slam Dunk with Tiger Please.

Stage Time:
Hatfield: 3:25
Leeds: 3:35

Recommended: 'A Little Closer'

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